Topfield Masterpiece HD PLUS Standby Mode

Started by 1TB, November 04, 2012, 08:21:58 AM

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Hey Guys,

Just picked up a Topfield Masterpiece HD PLUS. Can anyone advise how the Standby mode operates? I have just come off IQ2HD, which would go into standby mode when not being used...I have found that thus far i am not able to get the 2460 to go into this mode, even over night, just keeps running? I have it set to active within the menu.



The only current Toppy that has an automated standby facility is the 2100. There are several TAPs (Topfield Application Programs) that allow to have the Toppy shut down after a specified period of activity. Check out the Forum on Topfield Australia site:

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Until you find a TAP that does the job, all you need to do is turn the Toppy off with the remote control when you are finished with it for the night.
If it is currently recording, a 'WAIT' message will appear on the display and the PVR will shut down when the recording is complete. It will also wake up to make any later recordings - and then go back to sleep when they are finished. I use a daily view timer (non-recording) set for 4am each morning to update the EPG data - works every time.