Simpsons repeat status

Started by kroma, August 07, 2006, 10:48:53 AM

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The guide currently has the 7PM Simpsons on Tuesday 8/8 as a repeat, which it is not, and has the Friday 7PM Simpsons as a new episode, but it is in fact a repeat (both confirmed on TENs website).

A minor detail, but it governs whether my Topfield will record an ep, or not.
Just give me the coffee, and no-one gets hurt!

Mitch IceGuide

Thanks. Friday has been amended to reflect the 'repeat', however I wasn't able to 'save' tonight's Simpsons. We do not access the individual Networks' sites for legal reasons and unfortunately most other sources seem unreliable regarding this program. Thanks for the tip though ..... am happy for Simpsons' fans to yell out regarding repeats or new episodes.