Formula One Showing as Repeat

Started by BigMick, April 15, 2012, 10:15:14 AM

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Hi I'm using Sage TV and am having problems with the Formula 1 not recording as it's showing as a repeat (both the main race and qualifying). This is on ONE (not channel 10) so shouldn't be the case. Looking at the guide xml it actually looks correct to me - so wondering why Sage is detecting a repeat - you're not reusing old episode id's or anything like that are you by any chance?


Madeleine IceGuide


This afternoon's HD showing on One of the main race has no repeat flag and yesterday afternoon's HD showing of qualifying laps on One wasn't repeat flagged either.

The delayed SD showing tonight on Ten is repeat flagged, as is the HD replay of the main race on One tomorrow night.

Both episodes were newly created for the race so there aren't any old airdates attached or anything like that.