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Started by bruiser, February 25, 2012, 10:17:33 AM

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Like others on this forum....I'm a frustrated Topfield 2460 owner....and since the Nov 11 update the EPG guide disappears almost daily grrrrrrr!

Now I can't get it to show up at all.....and I notice the date is wrong....just shows Jan 1....yet time setting is on auto and unable to change it manually and has a good internet connection.

Has any one else come across this problem? I have emailed support this morning and waiting for a response.

I brought the bloody thing to tape shows for my wife....and save myself some time....yet it does neither very well....pissed off to say the very least!

I'm nearly at the stage of getting rid of it (give it to someone I don't like he he) but I don't know what to replace it with.....any suggestions?

Cheers Mark


No suggestions about a replacement. The best solution would be to go back to the October 2010 firmware. There are occasional problems with timer downloads and EPG data corruption, but nowhere near the annoyances as the November firmware.

The date/time information is taken from the transmission stream of TV stations; it is transmitted as GMT. You then have to put in the GMT offset (which should be picked up from the signal) and if there is daylight saving. Not sure why the date is at Jan 1. Try changeing to manual time and back to auto, that may shock the Toppy into getting the correct time and date.

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Thanks for your reply Ian. Yep I got the same answer from support...still something strange going on... in the last few weeks I've checked the Icetv guide every day and had to reset it a number of times......but in 3 or 4 of those occasions I couldn't get it to reset...but I noticed the Jan 1st date...so spent sometime trying to fix the date....but no luck!

So turned it off in disgust....then yesterday same thing....Jan 1st date and no guide...so spent some considerable time.... factory reset etc....but no joy...so I gave up and sent a email off to support...then sat and read the papers for 2 hrs with the tv on and the blank guide up on the screen. Eventually I switched it off and spent the rest of the day in the garden.....anyway turned it back on about 1800 hrs and low and behold its fine.

Just checked it again at 1015 this morning and it's still good....so hoping it stays that way...will keep you posted if it occurs again.

Cheers Mark


Just an update....still having the same problem. leave the TV off for a few hours then turn it on again and guide has gone....doesn't seem to mater what channel the TV's left on.

Anyway I have updated to the new firmware and will see what happens.

Cheers Mark

Dave at IceTV

Sounds like the reason your guide is blank is because the date is wrong. If the date is in the past or more than 7 days in the future the guide will appear blank. The time should auto update from the channel you are on within 30 seconds of turning it on... unless it has and the channel being displayed is broadcasting the wrong date or time (which they do sometimes, and 1st March in a leap year is a common date for this to occur). If it is the channel it is on just changing to a different channel or TV network should fix it within 30 seconds.

Your Topfield should also retain the date and time while in standby. If the clock is wrong when in standby it may have a faulty front panel clock. A hard power reboot and/or a factory reset can often fix this.

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