Bug introduced in 1.05? Try your wide button

Started by swamprat96, January 22, 2012, 08:44:56 AM

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Couldn't work out why DVD-rips were distorted on the Humax. Just realised that the wide button no longer has any effect- it says its changing the aspect but it doesn't. It did work in 1.04 "I think" because I know I've used it before successfully. Just tried it on TV , several avi's and an MP4 - no effect on any.
Can someone check theirs out?

EDIT- I found a workaround. Apparently Humax have this bug on some of their european other players. Set your screen ratio to 4:3 in preferences- and then the aspect works fine. It still seems to display the TV in 16:9 for some reason. Damned if I know
Second EDIT - its the change of screen ratio that is the key. If you change this - aspect works fine- but then if you play a file of another type- in my case a VOB - it stops working again. Change the screen ratio againto 16:9 and away it goes. Seems to be the change of ratio that corrects the problem- not necessarily what its set to