DLNA on Humax can't handle large quantities of files - solved

Started by swamprat96, January 13, 2012, 01:19:03 PM

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I think I've got a bug. When I connect to my music directory on my PC, the Humax starts to load and eventually drops the connection to my PC. I suspect its the default time out for listing as I have 1900 tracks in the suspect directory

When I connect to the videos directory it works fine- but there are only 300 odd videos


Confirmed. I just made a test folder and put 4 albums in- and excluded the original folder of music. Works fine. We need either
1/ an adjustment to the network timeout available or
2/ DLNA on the Humax needs speeding up or
3/ Need to know what the maximum file count the Humax can handle

correction. If you use the folders option all files are displayed. I was using all music which has issues


Well I'm still having issue with DLNA on this unit. Latest firmware and I never get the same result twice. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't -using the same pc as a source. Sometimes I see all the folders - then it will take itself back a folder level without me touching it. This behavior was also reported in the cnet review so it's not just me

So I then tried another pc with the same mixed results. Both machines are windows 7 using the latest media player.

It's obviously the humax struggling - the DLNA function on this unit needs work


Have you told Humax Australia about it?  If they don't know about it they cannot get it fixed.

BTW are you sure it is not caused by the DLNA server that you are using?


I have reported it and they are looking into it. They did say that music was a secondary feature but seemed to take it seriously.

Yes good question about the DLNA server i am using. It's the default windows 7 being windows media player which has always been a pile...... Is there another worth trying?


After doing some extensive reading I realised that Windows Media Player is an even bigger POS than I had thought. It blocks certain content that it doesn't know how to read and the copyright protection is a PITA.

I've now installed the free version of TVersity on my PC - a DLNA server that bypasses all this nonsense. The Humax is now 100% reliable on DLNA.

I still maintain that DLNA is a really dumb way to share across the network. Gimme samba anyday