New Firmware 1.04.00 release notes

Started by Dave at IceTV, November 15, 2011, 01:10:57 PM

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Dave at IceTV

A new firmware version released on 01-Nov-2011 for the Humax HDR-7500T

You can check the current version and update to this version via the TV Portal.

Here are the listed changes in the 1.04.00 software update:
- Additional play back flexibility for recordings copied to external storage devices (no encryption).
- Reduces the duration of the playbar display from 30 sec to 3 sec.
- Fixed an error when upscaling resolution from 1080i to 1080p.
- Adds +-24hr icons on TV guide that enables moving to previous and next day.
- Adds “smart search” function that enables users to search for related contents among the applications on Humax TV portal.

You can now backup your recordings to a PC or USB drive and play them on the PC or any media player that supports .ts video files. These are mpeg2 .ts files.

Customer Service


Hi dave,
i have received again a message that you sent me shortly after i joined the Humax forum saying that 1.05 is available now and that it might fix my problem.
My problem though is another one,not to do with the workings of the Humax 7500 but with me not beeing able to post in the forum.
I opened a new thread and hoped to get answers....but nothing. Probably because nobody can see it.
anyway we will hear from you,read my new post and let me know what could be done here.