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Started by me, September 26, 2011, 11:43:50 PM

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Why is 7mate often wrong, even immediately after updating the guide?
DVB guide is correct.
What are we paying for?
You can take away all the glitter of IceTV, but if they can't get the EPG right, then whats the point?


Madeleine IceGuide


If you tell me what region you are in and give some examples of errors then I can check this out. Thanks


Melbourne. Example from last night: Scrubs x 2 shows. Second one wasn't shown, just some crappy game show (DVB EPG was correct though).

It is often the late night stuff that is wrong.
I imagine channel 7 are changing it and IceTV is not keeping up with those changes(?).

Madeleine IceGuide

Thanks. Apologies, it does look like we were wrong for that late night slot last night and should have had a Minute To Win It repeat instead of the second episode of Scrubs. There's also been a change for tonight that I've just amended so update if you can.

Just to explain, 7mate is set up to be a direct feed from Sydney because it's a national channel (ditto for Go! GEM, Eleven etc). This auto feed is switched off occasionally when there are variations, generally due to live AFL games. That's what happened last night because of the Brownlow Medal, so when the second ep of Scrubs was dropped it didn't change in Melbourne as it should have.

We'll manually check Melbourne 7mate over the next week or so to make sure it doesn't happen again. When AFL finishes everything on 7mate should return to being exactly the same Australia-wide.


Well this issue still exists.

I haven't posted every instance I notice its wrong, but clearly there is a problem.

According to your "IceTV (sometimes correct) Guide", two episodes of Scrubs is on after the Chasers War on Everything, but some other All Worked Up show is on now instead.

As I wrote before, you can take away the fluff, but you need to get the core of your business right.


EDIT: It now appears that your IceTV guide for 7mate is exactly one hour wrong.
Glad I hadn't scheduled to record Scrubs, I would have missed it entirely...

EDIT 2: The two Scrubs episodes was not shown at all.

Please keep your guide up-to-date for 7mate. Just look at the free DVB EPG, its correct. :P


GEM is often wrong too.
Like now in Melb. there is some movie (Chocolat) but according to IceTV guide its Megacities documentary.

????  :(


Quote from: me on November 08, 2011, 08:47:37 PM
GEM is often wrong too.
Like now in Melb. there is some movie (Chocolat) but according to IceTV guide its Megacities documentary.

Same problem in Brisbane. ICE guide accuracy seems to be struggling lately.  :(