Problems deleting old cache files

Started by Daniel Drysdale at IceTV, March 04, 2005, 02:16:14 PM

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Daniel Drysdale at IceTV

There have been a few reports of old guide data not being deleted so that on a reboot old data could be loaded into the EPG.

We tried to reproduce the problem in the office and found that it appears to be related to the firmware revision on the Topfield.

Of the two boxes in the office that were tested we found that version 5.2.56 ( Aug 18 2004 ) showed the problem while 5.2.60 ( Dec 06 2004 ) did not.

You can check the firmware version by going to the menu, selecting "Information" then "IRD Status", you should see something like this

System ID 416
Loader Version L4.16
Device Version v5.2.60
Application Version TF-NPTA 5.11.32
Last Update Dec 06 2004

The "Device Version" is the number you are looking for.

If you are experiencing these problems could you reply to this post with the firmware revision number so we can see if it is indeed firmware related.


Software Manager @ IceTV


I had 5.2.56 running on mine, but have now downloaded the Dec 04 firmware from

All is well now.

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