Author Topic: George Negus Is Moving to 6.30. Name Change. Check Your Series Recordings.  (Read 1375 times)

Madeleine IceGuide

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Hi all

As of next Monday, 6PM With George Negus will be screening at the new time of 6.30pm. This means we have to change the name of the series to its new name; 6.30 With George Negus.

The series name will be changed after the final 6pm version has run, ie. on Saturday (tomorrow).

Series recordings on Interactive should cope with the name change but other series recordings may not work. Please remember to check them over the weekend.

Also, Ten News, which runs at 5pm, is being extended to 90 minutes each weekday. That means Ten Evening News, which generally runs at 6pm, is no longer in the schedule. People who have Ten Evening News set as a series recording may want to re-select Ten News instead.


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