TF7100HDPVRtPlus not recording from ICETV website

Started by Brownie, January 30, 2011, 12:37:55 PM

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Iam new to all this so please excuse me if I use the incorrect terms.We have just purchased a TF7100HDPVRtPlus and setup per the manual.The wireless connection is set up and appears to be working ok.I have set up a ICETV account and receiving the EPG.However I have tried logging into my account and setting up some trial recording but this part of it doesn't work and was wondering what I could be doing wrong.Could somebody help me out here in terminology that a person of little computer knowledge can understand.
I have tried contacting ICETV but they seem to be working shorter hours during the new year. 


Looks like I may have jumped the gun. I carried out a firmware update and did some trial recordings from the website and all seems to work.