New IPhone App Version 2.2(18)

Started by Shadow, January 08, 2011, 01:13:40 PM

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The guide corruption appears to be fixed, thanks.


Quote from: Shadow on January 08, 2011, 01:13:40 PM
The guide corruption appears to be fixed, thanks.

At first pass thru, the guide problem appears fixed on the IPAD as well.

My Week in the IPAD app has a function that isn't apparent in the web based display.
That is the capability of showing more than one device on the same screen.
In other words, I can see whats on both my devices at once without having to reload My Week with the other device selected.

It'd be nice to see that one sift through the other way.
BeyonWiz, T3


Guide corruption seems to be fixed.
However now series recordings which have a specified time are not appearing correctly in 'my shows' and are not being set to record. I have a screen shot but don't know how to insert it in the forum.
Thanks for adding the 'now' option.
When recording a movie, why default to series recording?
App crashes a lot, when attempting link in help, and also including when updating 'my shows' and attempting to return to 'my shows'.
Also Possible refresh issue with 'my week' deleted an entry but still appears in my week, as well as adding a show which appears in 'my week' but not marked as red on the 'tv guide'
Need to reset from settings everytime i add a show or remove a show, for it to work.
A few people have mentioning return to, but i think it would b good to have a user defined setting as to whether you want guide to return to your last spot, or go to now.
Lots of bugs in last version, thanks to ice for detailing them in the app store when updating :)


Guide corruption is fixed but I still gedt an error when I try to cancel an individual episode does anyone else ???


Bump,  Hello Anyone ? am I the only one seeing an error when you try and cancel a single episode from recording  ???

Daniel Drysdale at IceTV

Thanks for your patience, we have submitted a new version 2.3(21) to Apple for review, this issue is resolved in that version.

We expect it to appear within the next week bringing a host of bug fixes and the ability to see a list of upcoming episodes for a given show from a button on the show detail page.

Software Manager @ IceTV


Maybe not the right thread, but is there an chance that what I see as a good feature in My Week on my IPAD,  being retrofitted to the Web application? 
I.E. combining multiple devices on one consolidated list.

Saves a bit of backwards and forwards, trying to figure out where a desperate like me can fit another recording.
BeyonWiz, T3