Interactive API @ Login (iPhone) Problems

Started by cstuart1971, December 19, 2010, 08:02:54 PM

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My apologies in advance if this is one of those "Damn New User" Idiot Questions.

this is (after MANY years using forums to answer questions) my first ever foray into actually posting on them !

I recently updated the ICETV App on my iPhone 3GS.

I haven't yet done a sync with my itunes tho (updated thru app store on the phone).

Every-time I try to log in (on the phone), I get asked if I am a NEW USER or EXISTING USER.

As I am an EXISTING user I click on this and then get asked to "Please log in to change your Interactive API Settings",

After I do this is asks me to Link to my Account, which I did....

but I've now done it 4 times and nothing seems to change, it will wants me to create a nickname for my iPhone...

When i went to in a browser, i saw i had 4 tokens (one for each time I tried)... but i still cant get the software to actually work, rather it keeps asking me the same question ? (its been working perfectly for ages)

help ?


I know it's a pain, but maybe delete the tokens from your account, delete the app from the phone, download the updated version and start again.

If that fails, give the support guys a call.