F1 - Ten are pathetic!

Started by mtb, July 03, 2006, 11:51:19 AM

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For the F1 fans out there who don't know, Ten (not IceTV) stuffed up big style last night.

Apparently, they were advised at ten past five on Friday that the broadcast would be an hour earlier than previously advised and they were contracted to show it live, so they did.  Those of you who have recorded according to the EPG have, like me, missed the first twenty laps.

Their total action regarding this piece of information was... to update their phone message information line!!!  Two whole days and they couldn't even send a single bl**dy e-mail to any of the electronic program guides.  Their excuse being that there was noone there to make the change - this is utterly pathetic!

So I would recommend that any pi**ed F1 fan who has missed the good bits of this race should contact Ten and have a rant at them.  Next, watch (some of) the recording, identify the advertisers and contact each of them too, telling them that you see little point in watching the GP (and therefore their adverts) if Ten can't get their act in gear about this sort of thing. 

I'm going to go further and say that I shall boycott their products until I receive a copy of a letter from them to Ten, asking Ten to lift their game, you may wish to consider this too.  This technique has been used in the U.K. in the past and works.

Surely Ten have people on call who could check this sort of thing and make the necessary notifications - and if not, why not?

Make your voice heard by Ten by hitting them where it hurts... in the advertising pocket.
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