TF5000pvrt, IceBox2 setup from scratch - help?

Started by tumutbound, October 21, 2010, 06:48:00 PM

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I've had a TF5000pvrt and an IceBox2 working just fine for years. I also have a current subscription to IceTV

Over the years, I've installed various taps, some of which I haven't needed or used for a while so I thought I'd get rid of them -  bad idea as I'm now having issues with the EPG..
I want to go back to scratch and just install the minimum I need to get my EPG going. I can install the necessary TAPs once I've done this (PBK is only one I can't do without)

So the question is, what's the recommended EPG loader, for use with IceTV, that I should install on the Toppy? (It's currently epg_uploader)

I also use toppyweb which has had some problems in selecting recordings which I think is in part due to the EPG upload programs. (toppyweb is not installed on the IceBox2 but on a separate server)