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Started by goldcoastguy, June 27, 2006, 07:42:05 PM

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Just read on the Courier-Mail website that Gold Coast News from next Monday is to be read from Brisbane with the current *ahem* newsreader made redundant (I swear he can't read fullstops on the autocue),20797,19598218-3102,00.html

The synopsis will need to be changed to reflect this. Or just change it to the current generic Nine News synopsis  ;) Or let Iceman have some fun with it  :D

Evan :->

Mitch IceGuide

Thanks for the good oil. The synopsis has been amended. Is a little hard to keep up with what Eddie is axeing .... we had some fun with it ........ but not too much. We're a sensitive bunch here at IceTV



Just updated. Well done!

Evan :p