Re-enable Inband for Channels not supported by ICEtv?

Started by adsjc, April 11, 2010, 01:04:18 AM

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Is there a way I can turn on the InBand EPG for a unsupported channel?

In perth we have a new channel WTV and I can't turn on the Inband guide. ("enable inband" option is missing from media center)


this issue has been read over 300 times Its a bit of a shame that ICE TV perhaps dont reply as there is so mush interest in the problem


Maybe try from the main menu: Settings, Guide, Edit Channels; select the channel; then select Edit Listings.  Should be an inband enable there.  Hope that's what you're after.

Win7, 2x Hauppague 2200



Even though inband "Use listing from broadcaster" is enabled for TVS channel 44 in Sydney, no guide data appears.

It seems IceTV Interactive has completely disabled inband scanning for all channels even those where IceTV has no data available.

Has anyone figured out how to get TVS (or other non IceTV channels) listings into the guide?

Cheers, Mal.