iPhone? Blackberry Storm? Seeking Phone Suggestions

Started by hostonbarry, January 16, 2010, 05:02:15 PM

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My Palm Treo is going into its 3rd year and I'm ready to find a new phone. I no longer care about having an eKey very much since the new ActiveKeys have come out on Supra so there are no longer any impediments to me getting a Blackberry or an iPhone  . But I have gotten such wildly differing opinions -- particularly on the iPhone  -- that I'd appreciate feedback from other agents on what you're actually using and how well it's working for you. The main things I want are: 1. Excellent telephone reception (I mean, it's a phone, it should work really well as a phone ); 2. Easy access to e-mail; and 3. Easy internet browsing. A built-in GPS function would be fab, but I've got a GPS for my car so that's not a deal-breaker. A good built-in camera would be nice, but I've got an excellent digital camera so that's not terribly important either. Things like music, movies, etc. not even slightly important. So anyone have experience with either an iPhone or a Blackberry (particularly the Storm) either good or bad that you want to share. Or if you've got another type of phone you think is particularly excellent, just let me know! Thanks in advance!


I came via Nokia/Treo 650/iPhone 3Gs/about to go to iPhone 4/

Originally I was anti Apple, but the iPhone is the best thing I ever got. I use all productivity type apps no games. Never had any reception issues. The IceTV app is very cool. I programmed my PVR to record a program back home, while I was in the Snowie Mountains.