Program name changes - Big Brother

Started by Russell at IceTV, June 23, 2006, 04:19:11 AM

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Russell at IceTV

Several Big Brother shows have been changed from being episodes of the main "Big Brother 2006" program to standalone programs of their own.  The following are new programs that you may want to create series recordings for if you currently have one for the main "Big Brother 2006" program:
  • Big Brother Adults Only
  • Big Brother Live Eviction
  • Big Brother Live Nomination
  • Big Brother Special
  • Big Brother Task Night
  • Big Brother Up-Late


Sunday night "Double Live Eviction". Why could not you keep it to just "live eviction" so it will be consistent EVERY week. At this rate of mistakes looks like you need to employ me to become your editor..... hahahaha. - I think the guy who do the guide updates need to use media center at home to understand these mistakes.


Are we going to change : Big Brother Double Live Eviction into Big Brother Live Eviction ? Otherwise it will break the series recording for live eviction shows. Thanks..