Giving Up

Started by Minuet9, October 28, 2009, 09:51:59 PM

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Spent 3 hours today trying to  get  Win 7 Beta to  work. No idea what is wrong or where but I cannot get any  recordings sent to  WMC from the interactive. When I look  at channel  listings in WMC  I don't see any  ICE-TV listings. Plus at some point all  my  scheduled  recordings and series settings  in Icetv disappeared.
I'm in Hobart, using  Win 7 Pro and my membership  expires next month. Seriously hope things will  work  before then, I really liked the interactive  guide way more than the crappy  WMC layout. :(


So - this morning I give it one more go. Look at editing the channels - and  (without having  changed anything from  the night before (althought the computer  did reboot itself due to windows updates)) the Icetv  channels are showing. Changed all the listings.
Actually got a show to  record!  Having some problems with  ABC1 but might have resolved them now....
Other programs seem  to  have listed as scheduled at last.

Now anxiously awaiting a fix to  the padding times because NOTHING in Tas  runs to  time, nearly everything  apart from  the ABC  goes 10  mins over and starts 10  mins late...
Since the new  WMC  lets you  change these  times per program I'd be happy for the moment if ICEtv  just  dropped it and let us do it manually. Has to  be better than my current practice of  recording the program after the one I want....  (and then havoing to  remember a week  later what followed what to  watch  the ned of the episode.