Can only get programs for ABC TV

Started by lamontancient, August 16, 2009, 05:38:07 PM

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I recently purchased an Elgato EyeTV and signed up for a trial of IceTV. I only get programs for ABC TV despite the fact that I can receive about 33 channels. Can anyone help?


I have exactly the same problem.  I have recently bought an EyeTV diversity, where I also signed up for the trial.  It only shows Channel 2 - ABC 1, and Channel 21 - ABC 1.  Any help, anyone?


You've tried the suggestions already in this forum, right?  This one in particular:

Otherwise you're going to have to give a lot more information.  Your location, what the Channels Dialog shows (a screenshot might help).  The more information the better.


Thanks for that help - it got me part of a way to a solution.  I went to the channels tab, and saw that under the EPG column, most of them were showing "None", and ABC was showing "DVB".  So I tried to click onto IceTV in the drop down menu, as suggested in previous links, but when I do that, a screen pops up asking - "Please select an EPG Channel for 90 Nine Digital HD".  The only selection it will allow inside the dropdown box is "None".  Other than "None", I could only select "DVB".  I wasn't able to select "IceTV" or "xmltv".

When I changed all of the drop downs from None to DVB, the Program Guide showed 2, 7, 20, 21, 22, 23, 70, 71, 72, 73.  Hence, all of the channel 2 and 7, but none of 9, 10, or SBS, even though they were all on DVB.  Even after quitting and reloading EyeTV.

Anyone encountered this problem?

I'd attach a screen shot as requested, but I'm not sure how to attach it to this page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Quote from: icabodfestus on February 07, 2010, 05:01:31 PM
Other than "None", I could only select "DVB".  I wasn't able to select "IceTV" or "xmltv".

That's interesting.  It suggests that EyeTV doesn't know what location in Australia that you are in, so it can't present you with the list of channels that it knows are in your location.  Normally it gets that information from your IceTV account, so...

I'd recommend visiting the Preferences dialog in EyeTV, going to the Guide tab and seeing if anything odd is showing there.  I'm not near my own Mac-running-EyeTV so I can't remember the exact information on that dialog, but it should be telling you your IceTV Username and when you are subscribed till, and the name of the Interactive Device that your EyeTV will identify itself as when it connects to IceTV.  There is also some information about how often EyeTV should poll for guide data and recordings; to my recollection, there's no useful feedback here about whether EyeTV is connecting properly to IceTV.

On the other side, use a web browser to log into IceTV Interactive.  Visit My Account, then Interactive (Devices & Tokens).  Make sure that one of your devices is Elgato EyeTV.

Finally, there's a small chance that there is a firewall problem.  EyeTV needs outgoing HTTP to reach IceTV, but I'm sure you haven't blocked that.