Why can't you show a single channel's timetable for the day, autorotate, etc

Started by broaddd, July 11, 2009, 08:19:19 AM

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Maybe I'm missing something, but why are the options on what is displayed in the Guide so limited. You can only select which channels are displayed by logging into IceTv's website to do so?

I would like to, for example, take a quick squiz at what's coming up today on (say) ABC alone... but have to sift through all the other channel offerings to do so (or laboriously login into IceTV, change to ABC only, relaunch the app, look at ABC, log back into IceTV, change back to all stations, etc)?

Other great ideas would seem to be to support landscape mode and show a few stations (one station per column); and use the standard left/right swipe to move left and right through the channels.

And if I say 'Go to Now' at (say) 8.15am, it actually starts showing programs from 5am...


Russell at IceTV


We'll be adding options to select a particular channel and a particular device when we release all the new Interactive features we've been working on (coming very soon).

We're looking at adding landscape mode in a future version of the app, but I don't have any details yet on when that might be released.

Good suggestions though...



Really need a way also to view only selected channels. ie. 7, 9, 2 and 0 and view them at the same time. At the moment the only option is "all" or "one" channel at a time.