New widgets available for all platforms!

Started by Daniel Hall at IceTV, April 13, 2006, 03:53:43 PM

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Daniel Hall at IceTV

IceTV is pleased to announce the release of the latest versions of all IceTV Widgets.

The Yahoo! Widget Engine widget is now version 1.1 (both Windows and MAC OSX) and the MAC OSX Dashboard widget is version 1.2.

These can be downloaded for free from the Support page of the IceTV website (

These new versions included minor enhancements and bug fixes, in particular the MAC OSX Dashboard widget now has full support for EyeTV 2.0 and above.

Please note that although TV 2.1 has an integrated EPG display, Elgato have not completed the IceTV support. Until they do, you can still use the IceTV widget to view the guide and schedule recordings. Elgato have an FAQ listed on there website at