Antiques Roadshow

Started by Eaglehawk, May 28, 2009, 07:41:28 PM

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ACT, using the beta method of downloading the guide to Windows 7 RC...

Antiques Roadshow won't let "Series Recording" on next week's Monday, Tuesday, but Wednesday it can, but has been mislabelled as "Antiques Roadshow -Rpt" which isn't a very useful heading :)

Russell at IceTV

It sounds like you're probably seeing the over-the-air guide data instead of the IceTV guide data.  We don't use the "-Rpt" text in our guide.  You might check the channel mapping again, and make sure all the channels have "-IceTV" at the end of them.



I've just checked, and yes, all channels have -IceTV at the end...

Of course, it means that the listing with the -Rpt is from EIT, but I don't know why it's there. Was it because I used EIT first before getting the IceTV scheduled task running?

Or does 7MC use the EIT in the absence of data from IceTV?

Could explain why some of our "let's record this" selections fail to record come a week later!?!

Update: I've just compared my WIN TV listings with what IceTV have under "Interactive". And it's confusing. I've got some IceTV data, and some (I'm presuming) EIT data.  ???

Update2: And now that Wednesday listing of Antiques Roadhow is the IceTV version, whereas yesterday it was the EIT version...