Uninstall IceTv from Win7 RC?

Started by wagawaga, May 18, 2009, 10:05:59 AM

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Does anybody know what are the necessary steps to remove the Icetv beta from win7 RC system?


There aren't any really.

Just stop the scheduled tasks you created that download and load the information. If you want to remove the information that you currently have in the db you need to follow these steps:

1. Close the Media Center UI/Shell (ehshell.exe)
2. Open an Administrator Command Prompt (launch Command Prompt with ‘run as Administrator’ option).
3. In the Command prompt - Change to the root ‘ehome’ directory (ie. c:\windows\ehome)
4. Run the mcupdate.exe command with the parameter ‘-MediaCenterRecoveryTask’
Ie. mcupdate.exe -MediaCenterRecoveryTask
5. Start the Media Center UI â€" and reconfigure your Media Center system.

Note: you will have to redo your tuner setup if you do the above