New Topfield 2400 Firmware Update?

Started by AndrewT, November 16, 2009, 10:14:28 PM

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I have my Topfield 2400 set to automatically detect new firmware versions when they become available.

Watching TV tonight,a little box pops up advising that there is a new version available and would like to download it.It did not mention a version number.

I select Yes and the file downloads,completes and then the 2400 restarts.I check the IRD information and it still shows the original version shipped with the unit,TEST-BCPF 1.04.00 - August 19 2009.

I then check the new Topfield Australia website which has no firmware on it's 2400 page to download and there is no mention of this on it's forum.I also checked the Korean website which has only the version that I have at the moment.So i try the again on the 2400 and again,the same as above.

Looking around various forums I am unable to find anything as well.

So I am now wondering has anyone with a 2400 with update automatically enabled seen this also tonight?I know there has been some talk of a new final version due for release soon and I am wondering if this has something to do with that?


This is the ICE forums.   Have you posted on the actual topfield forums ( )?

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The latest "beta" version is 1.06. However, I have noted that units now being sold already have the 1.06 version on it. I think it's public release is imminent - however, there could still be some last minute changes to this version. Unless you're having problems, stick with 1.04 until 1.06 is made available on the websites.
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Because I have been lucky and have not had any issues with 2400 & the IceTV EPG & Interactive prior to version 1.07,I am unable to answer your specific question but I can tell it adds wireless support and changes the download  file from .rec to mpeg format.This file can be played in Windows Media Player or any other software that supports that format

The weird thing was any reservations that were already on the 2400 prior to updating to 1.07,still downloaded as .rec and anything that was sent to the 2400 or manually recoded,downloaded as mpeg after the upgrade to 1.07.

The weirder thing this I am still being prompted that there is a new version of firmware available through Automatic Updates  - thought that would have been sorted out with the new version so that has to be kept disabled.

Sorry I am unable to answer your question but I though at least I would mention the other changes