IceTV vs. Nine - High Court judgment

Started by Matt at IceTV, April 21, 2009, 02:23:50 PM

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Matt at IceTV

Hi Everyone,

The long awaited judgment from the High Court of Australia in the ongoing legal battle between IceTV and the Nine Network will be handed down in Canberra tomorrow morning (Wednesday 22 April at 10:15). It has been almost six months since the High Court hearing and over 3 years since the case started as many of you know.

We have more information on the News section of our website and we will issue a public statement immediately following tomorrow's judgment and then send an email out to all IceTV users.

We thank our subscribers and IceTV Partners for their continued support and we look forward to putting the matter behind us and getting back to implementing new and exciting features for everyone to enjoy.


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Daniel Hall at IceTV