Windows 7 EPG Beta Readme: 24/02/2009 (Please read this first)

Started by Russell at IceTV, February 24, 2009, 01:54:40 PM

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Never mind, just realised that this account is not active... used the wrong one.


It's October 23. The full version of Windows 7 (RTM) has been available since the last week of July. That 3 months - 13 Weeks. Now the RTM is on the shelves and on shipping PC's. When are we likely to see the FULL Windows 7 compatibility with IceTV? Yes, I know you want to get the bugs out, but everyone else out there have been working hard since July when they gained access to the full retail version of windows 7. The Media Centre plugin "My Movies" is now ready to go, today! They have been working hard the last three months testing it on the RTM, making sure it all worked well. What has IceTV been doing these last three months? There is no excuse, whatsoever, for any software maker of hardware manufacture to not have their programs upgrades and drives complete, ready, and fully compatible as of the 22nd.


It seems that you can only adjust the preset record padding to 2 minutes maximum. 30 minutes would be nice.


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Works great guys. A nice touch is the support for movie covers. I'll definately be renewing my subscription. As mentioned, the 2 min recordings are a problem. I'm hoping you can improve this with the release.