Windows 7 EPG Beta Readme: 24/02/2009 (Please read this first)

Started by Russell at IceTV, February 24, 2009, 01:54:40 PM

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Windows 7 RC 7100 X64

Everything is working great, Including the cast listings.

However :(

I have recently moved from Clare SA, To jamestown SA

We only get SC10 Port Pirie and GKS/BKN, plus all the SBS and ABC rubbish that gets aired. these channels are al SD.

I have seen people talk about SC10 listing for cambera and the likes.

Is it possible to use these listings for SC10 port pirie ?

Mitch IceGuide

Hi. A non technical issue. Eventually we will cater for regional SA and its many channel permutations, and we thank you for your patience. Unfortunately there is no capability to 'cherry-pick' channels, so were you to opt for Canberra's SC10, you'd have to take the rest of its Channel line-up. Your best bet anyway would be Vic Regional SC10, as it more closely reflects the AFL-affected program line-ups than the East Coast.


Thanks for you reply,

I am unsure how, but when my EPG updated last night, I now have a correct EPG listing for SC10 and GKS/BKN. right times and programs.

Thanks alot for what ever you did.



i am in Ballina Northern NSW and recieve TV Signial from the Lismore transmitters.
in setting up the EPG for win 7 i get no ice conversion for
Prime Lismore
Sc10 Lismore

D Moore
TF5000PVRtMP Dec 07 pached Firmware tf 7100hdpvrt march 09 firmware
PC; windows 7 64bit core 2 Quad (q8200)4g memory


Hi guys,

I just installed the Windows 7 RC and so far it looks....the same.  One IceTV related thing I did notice is that I can't get an IceTV guide listing for PRIME HD in Canberra. The automapping failed so I followed the usual procedure for manual mapping but found no '...-IceTV' listing related to Prime's HD channel. In my IceTV account settings, I have Prime Southern HD in the ACT region selected so I don't think it's been excluded from the EPG download.

Is this possibly a problem with the IceTV database?



Hi Guys,

Just installed on clean build of RC 7100 (TV had already been setup however). Looks fine except for two probs:

1. There's no channel 7-icetv to map seven to
2. Good news week (can't seem to find any others) doesn't offer to record the series option (i noticed there's no data for next monday, unsure if that effects it - i.e. no multiple showings)

I have 4 digital tuners and 2 analogue tuners registered with media center (doubt it would matter though).



Hi everyone, I'm a Perth WA user here , and I'm having problems trying to get IceTV guide data into Windows 7 MCE. Tonight I've just completed another fresh install of 7100, followed the IceTV beta instructions to the point where all of my scanned stations have the '-icetv' after them, but there's no data showing up in the guide at all apart from the OTA now showing info. I've checked the downloaded file (by deleting the line in the batch file that deletes it) and there's guide data in there OK, it's just not showing up in MCE. All hardware tried and tested working flawlessly with Vista MCE.

I'm using a FusionHDTV Lite and a Hauppauge HVR2200.

Any ideas? This is the third fresh reinstall I've done on this system. I can't go back to Vista 'cos I'm deaf and find the captions on live TV invaluable.


Would you believe it? I hadn't noticed that when Win 7 7100 reinstalled it got the date wrong. Fixed the date and everything worked OK.


I'm in reception area of transmitter between Batemans Bay & Moruya on NSW South Coast.  I'm downloading "Wollongong" EPG data from Ice.

All ABC & SBS channels mapped to IceTv automatically but commercials had to be done manually.

Broadcast IDs for commercials were:  SC10 SOUTH COAST, WIN TV SOUTH COAST, SC10 HD (maps to ONE HD), WIN TV HD, PRIME STH COAST & PRIME HD


Just a couple of things.

I just finished setting this up on the w7 RC, and I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the IceTV guys. Seriously, guide data makes MCE, and for a little while I was worried that I was going to have to roll back to Vista.

One minor point - WIN HD didn't seem to be mapped correctly. I'm in Canberra, FYI.

Thanks again,



Loaded RC1 on my media centre did the Astro black mod and changed the channel colours. installed the ice TV beta, all installed without a hitch. it recognised my 2x nova T500's etc, I never had to find and load any drivers. all up and running in a couple of hours. its running as sweet as.... WAF is 9/10.

in the interests of keeping the WAF high, the Question I have given that ice tv wiped out the coloured TV channel icons upon install, will reinstalling them bugger up the ice TV settings? 



When can we expect full support for Windows 7? I know there is only a RC version released, but from a support perspective it doesn't look to change before full release 22 October. I would guess that most people who use your services are early adopters, so it would make sense to support us early. What is the problem in supporting windows 7 full out?




I am trying the Beta on Windows 7 RC. TV Card is Hauppauge HVR2200.

I am in Alice Springs, N.T.

I followed the instructions, set up my channels first in MC, then put my username/password in the bat file and executed it. But I don't get any -IceTV channels (nothing changes). I also tried to do the Mapping, but again don't see the "-IceTV" on any of the channels.

When I execute the bat, the command prompt flashes for a second then dissappears, but I printscreened to see what it says. I just typed up what it said:

QuoteDownloading Guide Data from IceTV
webget.exe 1.4

Downloading 100% >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
File retrieved OK.

Loading Guide Data into Media Center....
Loading... 0% Error: The following error was encountered while processing the fil
e. Aborting.

Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, Position 1.

Channels include

No.      Name
2         ABC1 
22       ABC2 
23       ABC3 
20       ABC HDTV 
30       SBSHD  
3         SBS ONE 
202      Unknown (182250 kHz)
203      Unknown (196250 kHz)
204      Unknown (527250 kHz)
205      Unknown (548250 kHz)

Any suggestions?

(Oh when I signed up to ICETV, I picked QLDRegional for my Region. Because Central Australia wasn't listed. And QLDRegional has the same channels. Is this what the issue would possibly be? Do you support Central Australia? What region should I set up for Central Australia?)


Windows 7 Build 7260

9 HD is listed on scan as "90 Nine High Definition"  IN ICE it is listed as 90 Nine HD - ICE TV



Hi Guys,
Trying to install the beta on my Win7 machine, but when I run the batch file (after updating it with my username and password), I get the error "Error 401 retrieving file: Bad username or password."

I'm at a loss as to what to do now.

Real Version of Win7 Home Premium (not a RC).