Export to AppleTV option on iPhone App?

Started by PJDP, February 21, 2009, 12:51:10 AM

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On the Ice TV iPhone App, is there any way of having the option of when selecting to record a show, that you can also choose to export that file to the AppleTV automatically? As I share my iTunes on the AppleTV via the 'Shared Library" option on my MacMini, if the IceTV app gave you that option to once recorded a TV program, it would export to your AppleTV automatically.

It would be a killer feature to all us AppleTV users!

Or have I missed something as I could not find that function?!?


I assume you're using EyeTV to record?

If so, there's a way you can manually set each recording to automatically convert when it's recording (Please see this page for more info). I believe there's also a way to automatically convert ALL recordings to AppleTV format and send them to iTunes when done, by using Apple Script. If that doesn't sound like much fun, then maybe a quick email to Elgato asking them for the feature might be a good idea.


Would that help?


Yes I use EyeTV. I was thinking more on the IceTV iPhone app that there was an extra function besides 'RECORD' for example  'RECORD and Export to AppleTV" , 'RECORD and export to iPod' etc on the app itself and it then talks to EyeTV and chooses the required export function.

your thoughts?


We might be able to do this at some point in the future. We'd require assistance from Elgato to do it.

Do you want to export all shows, or just some? As stated, you can automate it so that all recordings get exported with some AppleScript (I think you'd be able to find a script someone else has written, so you wouldn't have to write it yourself).