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Started by Zee, January 12, 2006, 04:26:16 PM

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OK guys, someone [bo] [bl]REALLY[/bo] [/bl] needs to update the instructions for upgrading the firmware of the WGT634. I have spent approx 10 hours trying to figure out a clients Slushbox. At $120 an hour, I'm not cheap, either. Why?

Well, thanks to this post from another thread...

QuoteHi All

My experience with setting up WGT634U (WasGonnaThrow634metresUpwind):

1. Tried to flash IceTV, page error on browser.
2. Tried to flash Netgear firmware from to .10, same result.
3. Reset router, nothing but power light flashed from orange to green continuously, left off for a week.
4. Searched on google for answer.
5. Found on on Netgear forum
6. Successfully flashed .5 to .9 Yippeeee!
7. Successfully flashed IceTV firmware.
8. Setup router using defaults from IceTV howto.
9. Connected to IceTV servers.
10.Data transferred wirelessly to Toppy.

The WGT634U I got had a very old firmware version. If someone BOTHERED to inform us that you need to have version of the firmware installed on the router, about 9 hours of work, and $1080 would have been saved. 2 lines of text should do it:

- "Please ensure that firmware version is installed on your WGT634U"
- "If you do not have version of th firmware, check your firmware version, and install ALL firmware versionabove your current firmware version  in succession."

Oh, a picture of what the actual ice guide interface actually looks like would REALLY help. Rather than searching through the routers original firmware, looking for a hidden link...

You guys really need to do this. Seriously, it is an oversight and needs to be addressed. I wonder how many people will have their probems solved with these 2 added instructions alone.

On the positive side, it's a very nice interface, and my client couldn't be happier (now that it works :) ) Also, a great service.

Thanks to gomax for the solution.


Daniel Hall at IceTV

Thanks for the feedback Z,

From some recent testing, it appears to be only specific Netgear firmwares that will not allow upgrade to the IceTV firmware, these firmwares generally also cannot go direct to the latest firmware without steps in between.

The only confirmed problem firmware is which will not accept a flash to the IceTV firmware, this firmware will also not accept the latest ( firmware, but will accept the firmware. Once flashed to then the IceTV firmware can be installed without issue.

I have recently flashed a new batch of Netgears which had a variety of different firmwares even going back to a 1.4.0.x firmware but the only firmware that had issues was the firmware.

However I will be doing an update of the document shortly and add your suggestions in.



Great stuff  :) I went to see my client again yesterday, and he couldn't be happier. I'm definatley going to be recommending this service to all my clients  who pick up any of the compatible systems. Also good to see feedback is looked at - excellent stuff  :)