Why is EyeTV ignoring queued timers?

Started by futzle, October 02, 2008, 08:41:35 PM

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I had to reboot my HTPC Mac tonight because it crashed several days ago (poor thing).  No timers were in EyeTV except the ones since the crash which it obviously didn't record.  Ok, can't do much about those.  The crash is with EyeTV Tech Support.

I've now restarted EyeTV and let it fetch the queued timers from IceTV (which took two hours, but we already know about that).

The problem is that the only queued timers that EyeTV has fetched are two shows on October 7, five days from now.  The queued timers for the days between now and then are stubbornly remaining as queued, and not being scheduled by EyeTV.  Some of those timers are for tonight, which will likely get missed unless I add them manually.

Monitoring the traffic on the network, I know that EyeTV is definitely talking with the IceTV server (anyway, there are those two timers for the 7th...).  Guide data is all present.  Tuners are correctly associated with IceTV channels.  Some of the recalcitrant timers are for the same channels as the two that did schedule.

My question is: Why is IceTV not volunteering the queued timers for tonight through October 6?  It seems to know that EyeTV hasn't got them, because the icons are red-with-black-spot.