Time Padding?

Started by ZAK248313, November 02, 2005, 09:00:04 PM

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I have been using time padding and for some reason it has continued to cut the end off programs even if the time is less than the padding is set to.

The padding sometimes looks like its put on the front of the program but not on the end.  Am I doing something wrong?  Missing the end of some of the shows I record is really annoying.



I only understood the timer padding to pad the end of the recording. Is this the case?


Im still missing the end of programs even when Ive got padding set for 15 mins.  I know for a fact that  these shows didnt go 15mins over.

Any thoughts?


Timer padding adds only to t he end of the program.  

Note that the padding is added a minute or two before the recording starts, so you won't see the extra time shown in the timer settings.

Have a look at the length of the recording, which is shown when you cursor the recording on the file list display.  For a 1 hour program, it should show as 75 minutes (if you've got 15 minute padding set).