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Started by sautedog, April 04, 2008, 06:03:18 PM

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Hello folks

Curently I livve in Cobar (NSW Regional) and ABC 1 seems to be 1 hour out of sync.  Is there any way this can be changed by myself or should I be using a different guide to the QLD regional one I am currently using.

I should note that before daylight savings everything was working sweet.

Cheers from the sunny center


Mitch IceGuide

Hi Tim. I'm surprised you've put up with it so long. I would have thought that ever since October all your guides would have been on QLD time and so be an hour out of whack. I'm not sure exactly what you're seeing out there, but I'd imagine it's a real combo of NSW Regional, QLD Regional and perhaps Central Aussie? Day Light Saving finishes in the wee hours of Sunday Morning, so if you can hang on 'til then, your timing should revert to being accurate. For next October and the restart of DST, I'd suggest you swap to Central Coast NSW. Whilst I understand that's a long way from you; at least the timings would be accurate and programming very close to what you get there - if not exactly the same. Hope that helps.


Actually I havent used ICE for very long as I only just purchased a PVR ;D

Thanks for the reply