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I have been having problems controlling which programs are being recorded on a WizV2. I had used a mixture of adding series to be recorded via Wiz and removing most of the repeats by removing that episode on IceTV. I finally realised that I may be causing problems by mixing and matching how the recordings are entered. I decided that I am more familiar with the IceTv portal than I am using the remote of the Wiz and so I used the remote to navigate to the autotimers and then I manually deleted every autotimer.   

I used the remote to navigate to the IceTV version 2019021 app and selected to fetch EPG and update timers. While the EPG displayed correctly, the series I want to record were not displaying in red to show that they will be recorded. I double checked this by using the remote to navigate to the autotimers folder which was empty.

I logged into the IceTV portal, account, my recorders, strangely there were two Wiz recorders listed and so I renamed the top one from the fault Beyondwiz V2 to loungeroom and removed the second instance. I then chose to resend all recordings. I used the remote to navigate to the IceTV version 2019021 app and checked the log. The log showed that both the EPG and the timers had been received. Unfortunately, the EPG does not show any of my recordings in red and the Wiz autotimers folder is empty.

When I went back to the IceTV portal, my account there was another second device listed as  Beyondwiz V2. This time around I have left it alone.

It is not a timing issue because I have documented my processes and I am a very slow typist.

Cheers, Colin