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The daily addition at channel 7 at 14:00 Perth time is showing wrong image placeholder.
IceTV EPG Content / Re: Program image updates
December 06, 2018, 11:45:40 AM
It's very disappointing that IceTV is not putting enough effort into this I am grateful what they have done but it just seems they have stopped adding posters. I have HDHomeRun dvr and it has a proper poster for nearly every show. Their provider is likely to sell this service to the Australian public and IceTV will lose customer as there are many customers like me who use emby and others are using plex.
Thanks Daniel,

Yes emby clears all the data that is why it was blank when emby did the guide update around 9pm. That would be excellent if it can be looked at if you need testers I am ready to test.   
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for replying that is what I thought all along I was trying to troubleshoot why always at night 9 pm and after emby downloads the guide and is blank for the next hour or so and I never noticed it when I use wget and then import so emby devs have made changes so I kept trying than last night emby scheduled tasks to import the guide started few minutes before I went to look guide it had green mile movie and some movie on sbs so I got on my htpc downloaded the xmltv using the same instructions as you posted and opened the file and typed green mile and sbs movie it was there but everything else wasn't so it wasn't emby issue there isn't data for those shows.

Considering I only noticed it happens late at night 9 pm and after could this be something to with time difference I can email you the xmltv file and the screenshot of what was on at the time to confirm that.

Have a Happy Easter
When you download xmltv data it doesn't include what is currently showing I was thinking it was emby fault but discovered that is not there is no guide data for what is on at the moment.
Any progress on this ? The guide is starting to look better in emby but it is still missing heaps of shows and it has few wrong covers like sunrise.
Has there been any progress on this since all the movies have icetv poster ?

Even some of the posters for shows that I reported earlier are still showing incorrectly. It would be helpful if we can understand the situation why it started great then it seems died off.
They are bit slow the ones I reported are still there with incorrect thumbnail.

It would be nice if movies started to have thumbnails.

I am grateful that at least a start has been made to implement thumbnails.
First thank you for starting putting thumbnails on some of the shows hopefully we will see more of it just like to notify of two that are incorrect first Sunrise and Mornings as you can see from the attachments that the thumbnails are not correct.

Just a suggestion for some thumbnails for example afl could have a afl ball at the background and for tennis:wimbledon have a tennis ball or tennis court and then that can be reused when a different tennis competition starts.

There hasn't been any posters for movies yet or any openmovie database or other movie database links like it is for series.

Emby is looking great with these thumbnails that have already been added.

Thank you and keep up the great work
Masterchef episode on Tuesday 16 May has the same episode number as the one on Monday night. S9, E12 The pressure test and the one on Tuesday is also S9,E12 - The immunity Challenge. Using Emby Server it is not schedule to record it as it has same episode number.

Thank you

The thumbnail for morning show is incorrect I have attached the image as you can see it is not Sonia Kruger and David Campbell.

Thank you

I was wondering will you start adding imdb or themoviedb for the movies since you have started it for the series.

Thank you
That is great once it is available I will notify emby developers to see can they take advantage of it.

I have read an article that Australia is looking at fair use so maybe if that law gets passed Ice-tv could revisit the thumbnails.

Thank you once again for detailed explanation it is much appreciated.
I have a question in regards to the number system emby puts info in series but it cannot decipher this episode system as it doesn't change it is not standard xmltv numbering system. Can this be fixed or because there is so many episodes it was just too difficult to do which is understandable.

Thank you

Home and away
<episode-num system="icetv">73-0</episode-num>

<episode-num system="icetv">125-0</episode-num>
Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed post it is very insightful. It is very sad situation that you can be sued for everything these days it is very odd the country who you always associate with litigation has no issues with thumbnails as there are many commercial companies offering those services.

Even the hdhomerun software which is a commercial company that make outstanding dvb-t devices now have thumbnails for Australian tv shows I am not sure who do they use for their Australian guide data I have recommended that they have a look at icetv. It is such a shame as having the thumbnails it makes their show more visible.  Why do the graphics if you don't want anyone to associate it with the programme.

It's disappointing but I now fully understand your reasoning for not offering thumbnails.