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Looks like it's been fixed.
It seems that we are being delivered the synopsis from the 2012 series
Shows judges from waaaay back
IceTV EPG Content / Re: Olympics: Tokyo 2020
July 26, 2021, 04:46:35 PM
I got a little confused with all the different channels showing the same thing, or similar.

But I just wonder if ch7 are spreading it over HD and SD channels to satisfy all display capabilities.

For mine I think I'm accepting it all, and just doing a lot of disk space maintenance.
The description in the guide is incorrect  the detail is for series 1 Ep 4
Not series 3
This may tend to confuse,  i find occasionally I have to log in again.   Due to a timeout I suppose.
But the login complains that It is an unknown user name or password, or something similar.   numerous retries with my uname/password .
Same result, then if I toggle down to the bottom of the page, select the link for the forum, lo and behold the forum immediately comes up ok and I find that I am already logged in.

I am also using Firefox.

aha, looks like Tennis has got into the mix
not to worry.    par for the course in these live "entertainment" times.
Quote from: grampus on February 04, 2021, 04:20:26 PM
just check FTA EPG   
Displays Our Man In Marrakesh as current show
Heartbeat starts at 5:24 pm
just check FTA EPG   
Displays Our Man In Marrakesh as current show
Heartbeat starts at 5:24
IceTV EPG Content / Ch9gem currently 1610 Thursday 4/2
February 04, 2021, 04:12:35 PM
Epg shows Heartbeat, but actually broadcasting Our Man in Marrakesh

Don't expect it to be fixed.   
Just put it here for noting as an error in the Epg.
I have 2 BW T3, U4
In some instances I have the same timers set for both devices
Currently I have NCIS timers set for both
There are a number of other similar instances, but I will only try and detail the NCIS ones.
Currently 7:30 PM 10Bold  Tonight
              7:30 PM 10Bold Thursday night
              11:30PM 10Bold Thursday night
On both devices  These timers are set
In the online TV guide using My Week   All these are showing as red doughnuts.

At first pass I thought that there had been a change to the start times and they hadn't been sent to the devices.
I have done a manual update for both my devices from the IceTV menu.  with no errors in the log.

The items stay the same.

I have had this problem recently a number of times, over the past few days, but at the moment this is not a large problem for me, as the timers are set in my boxes,  but it appears to be an anomaly that may be be worth investigation.
Beyonwiz / Re: Weird conflicts
December 09, 2020, 09:20:50 AM
Quote from: IanL-S on December 09, 2020, 07:59:53 AM
Hi Judy, out of interest how many tuners does you V2 have; just the standard 2, or do you have a one or two tuner USB stick as well?

Don't have a V2, but on my U4 I have had an occurrence similar when the USB tuner becomes not available, and there werent enough tuners to cover the overlaps.
Menu>information>devices showed 3 out of 4 tuners available.
My fix for this has been generally to power down by the power switch at the back remove the USB tuner, wait while I hum a tune, then reinsert the stick, and switch on again.
General Discussions / Re: spam tes.
November 17, 2020, 03:21:56 PM
The ISP is acsess health

General Discussions / Re: spam tes.
November 17, 2020, 09:21:22 AM
Tks for your follow up.
I think I'll be talking with the tech staff at my ISP today.

For those that may be following this thread,
The problem occurs only when I attempt to post in the Beyonwiz forum.
I can read and download without being blocked.

The IP address that is the focus of attention is within my ISP network, it may be anyone that they service that could have started this whole ruckus rolling, and caused a spam report to SPAMHAUS.

Hopefully it wasn't me.
General Discussions / Re: spam tes.
November 15, 2020, 09:04:34 PM
Thank you, I would appreciate that.
I was trying to respond to the post about the new 19.3 release.
The error I get is below.
""Your IP has been blocked because it is blacklisted. For details please see""
I've also emailed my internet provider, in case they were aware
The IP address is owned by them I believe.

i've also sent off an email to BW. at the email address from the contact link
on the header of the of the forum..

i wouldn't really expect a response for some time.
but every little helps.