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Can a proper Apple Touch icon be made for the website? The iOS app icon would be perfect. Currently I am just seeing a reduced screen cap.
Smart Recording on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad / Guide Refresh
December 25, 2010, 11:58:15 AM
Wen I go the the TV Guide and start scrolling down the page after about 10 seconds or so the page refreshes and puts me back at the top. This is really annoying.
I noticed Dr Who listed under new shows and scheduled to record as per previously entered series recording. But under TV Guide there is no sign of it at all. It's also not under My Week. Everything is OK on the website.

I looked further and noticed no guide information for ABC 1, ABC 2, all SBS channels for Saturday or Sunday this week.
I've now run into a problem on Monday nights with 3 things on at 8:30pm.

ABC reruns Good Game later in the week - I'm sure I used to be able to record these repeats to cure scheduling conflicts by choosing the particular channel that the mid week repeat would screen on. Which was usually ABC2 or something. Now you only get a Network selector, not a channel selector.

I thought I would get around this by making a keyword recording for '"Good Game" repeat' however it seems the first description line is not included in the search.

I have missed something vital? It seems this situation used to be fixable and now is not.

What we need is...
-keyword search to include all text in the title etc
-series record with repeat only as an option
Sydney ABC
Sunday 20th July 7:30pm
Doctor Who ‘Planet Of The Ood’

Yes, we've had one with the Ood before, but this one has Tate in it. Can't be a repeat.

This is a pain, as I have interactive set to record first runs only.
I'm going to feel really, really stupid if it's right in front of me, but the "HELP" page says across the top you will see "HOME", "HELP", "SEARCH"... nope, no search. I hate posting stuff someone has already answered.
Topfield / Wireless
April 25, 2005, 01:47:04 PM
Anyone tried connecting a wireless USB bridge to the toppy? Would it be seen by my PC (mac)?

The way the commercial channels chop and change their programming would necessitate daily updates, at least. And I don't want to run cables or have to remember to connect all the time.