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The ACT guide for Monday 6th June is currently showing 10HD Canberra programming on both 10HD Canberra (correct) and 9HD (incorrect).

I noticed it when "Have You Been Paying Attention?" showed up in My Week, on 9HD - further investigation indicated that it's the whole day's programming which is incorrect.
IceTV EPG Content / Hard Quiz - not a repeat
November 28, 2021, 03:00:50 PM
Hard Quiz
8pm, Wednesday 1st December

This is marked as a repeat (S5E13).  While it is another "Battle of the Duds", it's not a repeat.  They do regular "Battle of the Duds" episodes, and it's not the first time IceTV has incorrectly flagged new BotD episodes as being repeated.
IceTV EPG Content / Problem Recording Doctor Who
November 24, 2021, 04:43:16 PM
I have been having problems with Doctor Who, since the new series started 4 weeks ago.

The first scheduled broadcast is on Monday nights, at 7:30pm, on ABC TV Plus/Kids.  Looking at this in the IceTV Website, it has a message: "This show is part of a series recording but will not be recorded. (Show does not match requested quality setting.)".  This is a problem in itself, given that IceTV did away with series quality settings a year or two back.  The series timer was originally created many years ago, and may have been set to "HD Only" - but there's no longer any way to change that setting, and the quality setting is supposed to be ignored.

The second scheduled broadcast is on Thursday nights, at 9:35pm, on ABC HD.  This one is tagged as a repeat, and has the following reason for not being sent to the PVR: "This show is part of a series recording but will not be recorded. (Repeat showing but series set for first runs only.)".  I could set the timer to record repeats, which would catch this broadcast... but I shouldn't need to.

The end result is that the show is broadcast twice per week, once in something that vaguely approximates SD, and once in something that barely approximates HD.  Neither results in a timer being sent to my PVR.

Help ?!?
The Cheap Seats
Ch10, ACT, Canberra
9pm, Tuesday 26th July

This is currently showing as S01E01, which would make it a repeat of this week's episode.  It should almost certainly be S01E02, which would make it a new episode.
The IceTV TV guide data for 10 Shake, for Canberra ACT, is currently showing the programming for 9Life.

This is no doubt the result of the recent network swap between SCA & WIN, with 10 Shake taking the channel number previously assigned to 9Life.

It would also pay to check whether or not the reverse is also true (9Life guide showing programming for 10 Shake).  You couldn't pay me to watch anything on 9Life, so I haven't verified that one myself.
General Discussions / Deleted Recordings reappearing
April 23, 2021, 11:15:23 AM
Occasionally I will manually delete IceTV recordings for individual episodes, for whatever reason.  If these episodes are subsequently updated in the IceTV system (e.g. start time is changed by a few minutes), then the deleted recording will reappear in the "My Week" list, and will be re-sent to the device.

Is there any way of fixing this problem, so that recordings which have been deleted stay deleted, and aren't re-sent?  This is definitely a server-end issue, not a device/client end issue.

IceTV EPG Content / Hard Quiz - not a repeat
April 23, 2021, 11:08:45 AM
Hard Quiz
ABC (Canberra)
Wednesday 28th April

This episode is currently marked as being a repeat of the S5E13 "Battle of the Duds".  Other online guides indicate that it's a new episode - still a Battle of the Duds, but a new BotD for S6.
IceTV EPG Content / Hard Quiz - not a repeat
February 04, 2021, 01:55:31 PM
Hard Quiz
Wednesday 10th Feb, 8:02pm

This episode is currently marked as a repeat.  It is a new episode (the last of the series which started last year).
IceTV EPG Content / Ch 7 (and Prime) - Holey Moley
January 27, 2021, 11:46:02 AM
IceTV is currently showing "To Be Advised" in the 19:30-21:00 time slots on Prime7HD Canberra (Mon 1st Feb & Tues 2nd Feb). 

Other online TV guides indicate that "Holey Moley" (AKA the bastard offspring of Wipeout & Mini Golf) will be filling these time slots.
Prime 7HD, Canberra (ACT)
10pm, Tuesday 16th June

I have a series timer set to record this show. 

  • According to the IceTV web interface, the timer has been sent. 
    According to the Android App, the timer is Queued but hasn't been sent. 
    There is no timer for this show on the Beyonwiz T2.

I suspect that the show had a change of start time, and that things somehow managed to get confused during the process.  I could fix the problem manually, but I would prefer it if the fix was sent from the server end.  Any idea why I'm seeing different timer icons on Android vs Web interface?
Shakespeare & Hathaway
ABC (Canberra - but probably elsewhere as well)
7:30pm, Saturday 6th June

IceTV is currently listing the episode title as "Series 8: Episode 7".  Shakespeare & Hathaway doesn't even have 8 seasons...

The episode is actually Series 3 Episode 2, titled "See Thyself, Devil!".
Android IceTV App v2.29

For some reason the app is only showing timers which have been sent to the devices.  It's not showing timers which are in that 6-7 day window, which appear on the IceTV website but haven't yet been sent.

For example, one of my T2s is scheduled to record "Penn & Teller: Fool Us" and "Stateless" on Sunday night.  I can see these timers on the website, but they're not showing up in "My Week" in the app.
IceTV EPG Content / 7 & Prime Sunday Night Schedule
February 19, 2020, 11:03:51 AM
I figured this would be cleaned up with the update on Monday afternoon, but it's now Wednesday and IceTV is still showing TBA from 7pm to 11:30pm (Sunday 23rd Feb).

Other online TV Guides are showing the following:
7pm - Koala Rescue
8:30pm - The Good Doctor
9:30pm - God Friended Me
10:30pm - The Resident

** I'm looking at the IceTV Guide for Canberra, and assuming that the same information is missing for other cities.
IceTV EPG Content / Great News - not a repeat
December 11, 2019, 10:32:43 AM
Great News (Series 2, Episode 12)
10:10pm, Tuesday 17th December
ABC Comedy
Canberra (ACT)

This episode is currently marked as a repeat.  It is a new episode (the series' penultimate episode), followed by the series final (which is correctly marked as first run).
IceTV EPG Content / Utopia - not a repeat
August 29, 2019, 10:07:12 AM
9pm Wed 4th September

This episode is currently marked as a repeat.  It is a new episode.
IceTV EPG Content / Mythbusters - not a repeat
August 27, 2019, 12:17:27 AM
7:30pm Saturday 31st August

This episode is currently marked as a repeat.  It is a new episode, which has not previously been shown on FTA TV.  It is the first episode of the series, with the "new" Mythbusters who replaced Jamie & Adam.
The Vuelta a'Espania is the Spanish equivalent of the Tour de France, with SBS providing a similar level of coverage.  SBS will be showing every stage live, with the first stage starting at 2:45AM on Sunday (SBS VICELAND HD).  They also show daily highlights, with the first starting at 17:05 (SBS HD).  Both the Live Stages and the Daily Highlights are currently coded in IceTV as "Cycling: La Vuelta".  Would it be possible to code these separately, as is done with the Tour?
IceTV EPG Content / Hawaii Five-O New Episodes
July 31, 2019, 10:08:41 AM
Win Bold
Thursday 1st August, 8:30pm
Canberra, ACT

This episode (Mai Ka Po Mai Ka 'oia'i'o - Truth Comes From The Night) is currently marked as a repeat.  It is Season 9, Episode 9, which has not previously been shown on FTA TV (i.e. a new episode). 

I believe it was previously programmed to be shown in June, before 10/Win made a late scheduling change and bumped new Hawaii Five-O episodes from their programming schedule.
Ch10/Win have decided to pull tomorrow (Saturday) night's episode of SEAL Team from the schedule.  This is not surprising, given that it was scheduled to be a repeat of an episode which they had previously pulled from last night's schedule.  What is surprising is what I'm seeing in the corresponding timer on my Beyonwiz.

The episode of SEAL Team ("Say Again Your Last") was scheduled for 10:30pm, on Win BOLD (Canberra, ACT), on Saturday 8th June.  It has been replaced by a Hawaii Five-O repeat episode, "Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift)".

According to the "My Week" page, on the IceTV website, this (repeat) episode is still scheduled to record on my Beyonwiz T2, despite my Series Recording settings for Hawaii Five-O being set to "First Runs Only".

According to the timer on my T2, the device is expecting to record an episode of SEAL Team, but with the Hawaii Five-O episode's description.

How is this possible?
The Blacklist
11:50pm Sunday 10th March
Prime 7HD, Canberra ACT

This episode is currently listed in the IceTV Guide as "The Pawnbrokers" -  Season 6 Episode 4.  This episode was broadcast on Sunday 3rd March.

Next Sunday's episode should be Season 6 Episode 6, "The Ethicist".