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A few months ago I emailed Elgato asking why my daily IceTV EPG updates had moved to ~3am each morning even though I'd initially set it up in the afternoon.

Elgato advised that it was an IceTV requirement.

Yet I read on an IceTV support topic (or forum post maybe) that Ice's EPG updates are generally done by lunch-time each day, and that after lunch would be a good time to schedule your daily updates (i think the question came from a Media Centre user).

So why am I forced into a 3am update schedule because I'm using Elgato EyeTV?

A classic example of how this clearly isn't serving *me* was last Friday when all the Michael Jackson specials popped up like daisies in a graveyard and sent shockwaves through the whole evening's lineup.

I'm guessing it's about IceTV spreading its bandwidth load?

Not Happy, Jan.
hi,  i'm new here, so maybe i'm rehashing something,

but, at 6pm tonight IceTV says "Transworld Sport" is on 6:00-7:00pm ONE HD (Melbourne metro, EyeTV).

great, i think, i'll veg out to that for an hour while i do email.

except, it isn't - the footy's still on <sigh>.  i force an update of the EPG in IceTV, still says Transworld Sport @ 6:00pm

so i goto (something i thought i'd never have to do with IceTV) and according to them Transworld Sport was on at 3:45pm, then AFL @ 4:45pm, then sports news @ 7:00pm.

so, was this a "rare occurrence", or do i need to "have my expectation's adjusted" (downward) ?

which raises a broader question - how "responsive" is IceTV to what i'm guessing was a "late" schedule change like this? obviously between 3:45pm (at the absolute latest) when IceTV's schedule diverged from reality, no update has been made! :(

thanks, Anthony.