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Dear EPG Gnomes

Tonight's episode 14/Dec/2017 @ 8.00PM WAS NOT A REPEAT, but was marked as a repeat by IceTV !

I would have missed it except I knew not to trust the IceGuide, and so I manually told EyeTV to record it.

Please triple check your data  !
I had the IceTV EPG set to record both (SBS VICELAND) Full Frontal With Samantha Bee and (ABC) The Checkout, but ended up with two recordings of The Checkout instead. Why, oh why did this happen ?

Even more weirdly, in EyeTV, the program info for the Full Frontal ep appears to show correctly. Right program info/channel/start time, but EyeTV recorded the signal from ABC instead of SBS VICELAND


VERY ANNOYED (to put it politely)  >:(

Why is tonite's episode of Person Of Interest marked as a repeat when it's NOT and it's the last episode !

Thank the deities I manually decided to record the episode !
When are we going to get a version of the IceTV iOS app which is designed for the iPad/iPad mini ?

Using the current release of the IceTV iOS app on an iPad mini is a terrible waste of screen real estate
EyeTV / EPG retrieval frequency
April 13, 2016, 05:58:42 PM
How often will the IceTV "server" allow my EyeTV software to download/ retrieve the EPG data from the IceTV server ?