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No reboots now for 2 Wednesdays
Oops typo..I meant LCN=70
Hi Ian,
  Done all that I think (see jpg) below.

  I see that Channel 7 have created LCN=30 / Seven HD to show the AFL (Vic and SA at the moment).
  I can't see it as an option on IceTV yet.

  So that will be another channel where I will disable LCN 71 Seven SD and use 70 Seven HD once IceTV add it to the EPguide.

Hi Dave,

  I had disabled SBS SD a while back.
  There used to be a minor difference between the HD and SD channel during the A-League (I think).
  The A-League was on SD and some other non-sport show was on HD.
  Not sure if that is the case anymore, so I disabled SD.

  What does the Toppy do regarding guide data?
  Does it first fetch 5 days of guide data once-only (assuming you don't wipe the EPG data with a reset), then re-check daily?

  Here is hoping the disabled 9 & 10 SDa channels fixes my issue.
My TRF 2400 in the loungeroom reboots itself every Wednesday.
I assume this is when my machine does its weekly update.

So my Wednesday ritual is to remove ABC2 from the IceTV guide download and let the machine reboot.
Once it has processed the EPG data it seems to settle down.
I then add ABC2 back to the IceTV guide and 'force' a reload of JustEPG.
All good...until next Wednesday.

I have removed the newtork 9 and 10 SD channels from the IceTV download and from JustEPG (leaving the HD channels on the guide).
Maybe this will be enough for the download not to cause reboots.
I'll let you know next Wednesday.
The rebooting has started again today (Tues Mar 8th).
I followed Dazza's solution and disabled ABC2 which 'seems' to have rectified it.
But I will want to record some shows from ABC2 while I am away for 5 weeks so 'not good'

Is anyone from IceTV looking at this?.
There has been no respone here after Dazza's entry regarding 'bad' characters being transmitted to the PVRs.

I have two 2400 machines.  One in the bedroom and one in the lounge room
This rebooting started this morning (Sunday 6th March).

After trial and error I also narrowed it down to IceTV access.
Once I turned the IceTV access off they both stopped rebooting.

I tentatively turned the IceTV access back on later in the afternoon and it seems OK at the moment.
I have also removed duplicate programs from the tuner and have set the IceTV account LCNs to specific values rather than 'all'

I have the Aug 4 2014 firmware in both machines (which occasionally reboot when I insert/remove a USB stick).
The System Id = 32020
Loader version = v1.03
Device version = v1.0.1
App version = TF-BCPF 2.02.00

I will be on holidays for 5 weeks starting Wednesday and a friend will be looking after my place.
I hope they don't encounter any issues while I am away.
General Discussions / Re: Thanks and farwell
October 15, 2015, 05:48:34 PM
Thanks Dave,
  Hope you find a better job asap.
  Just looked at my was back in Nov 2005.
  I must have been there almost from the start!
SKIPPA / Re: Skippa User Experience so far
September 24, 2015, 06:57:38 PM
Regarding the remote control issues....
I remember when I first started playing with my Toppy TRF2400 the remote seemed flaky.
Until I removed the almost unnoticeable clear plastic film from in front of the IR receiver.

Just a suggestion.  Maybe not applicable to the Skippa!   ;D

1. Add the ability to copy (multiple) files to USB HDD including all meta data - can be played as native file rather than media file. One-at-at time file copying is 'unacceptable'
2. Add an ftp server - able to copy files with correct names and meta data to PC or MAC
3. Add the ability to edit recordings (ability to remove pre and post padding would be a good starting point)
4. Add an alternative EPG guide (similar to JustEPG)
SKIPPA / Re: Skippa EPG Screenshot
June 27, 2015, 11:39:44 AM
Quote from: Leon K on June 26, 2015, 01:44:13 PM
Hey Everyone,

IceTV is so simple and easy to use from the Phone App ...

To extend your logic, does this imply Skippa 2.0 will not have an EPG at all?

I tend to scan the JustEPG guide a few days ahead and, if I see something I like, I will get on my laptop (not phone) and set it to record via IceTV.
Now you want me to go to IceTV first rather that use the convenience of JustEPG. 

Sometimes while something is recording (e.g. I like to give an AFL match about an hour of recording before I begin to chase-play/watch it) I will scan the guide to watch something else of interest that I don't necessarily want to record.

How hard is it to create a JustEPG-like guide anyway?
SKIPPA / Re: Skippa EPG Screenshot
June 24, 2015, 11:13:18 AM
Hi rfk,
  Sorry I haven't repsonded earlie re: Topfield only for JustEPG.
  What Paul55 said  :D

  I do remember some of us (myself and IanL-S) suggesting this in the original ICEBox thread but I think it fell on deaf ears as no reply to whether they would or wouldn't was forthcoming.

SKIPPA / Re: Skippa EPG Screenshot
June 21, 2015, 02:36:20 PM
It is a shame that the developers did not offer an alternate EPG (as per JustEPG layout).
It would also be a good selling point.
I find this standard EPG underwhelming.

A bit of effort into a custom EPG could allow users to:
  - group channels together on the one screen
  - set the number of channels per screen
  - set the font size
  - set font colour for repeats

On my Toppy I have 3 screens to cover all of the channels that have daily guides (I ignore those shopping channels etc)

SKIPPA / Re: autoskip pricing
June 21, 2015, 02:20:47 PM
This unit is starting to look less and less desirable.
I think I'll stick to my Toppy 2400s for the moment.
Since the Skippa's ad-skipping 'feature' is now an optional extra, there doesn't seem to be much else in it for me.

The tardy and unexpected mention of a subscription for ad-skipping is poor form and may put a few, if not many, potential customers offside. It has certainly put me off.

I rarely have a conflict with 2 tuners but I have a second 2400 in the bedroom to take care of that so the Skippa's third tuner, while desirable, is not a must for me at the moment.
I basically use my units to record and play-back shows.  I sometimes watch a show in the lounge room which has been recorded on the bedroom unit and vice versa.
So any other new 'features' that my Toppy does not have may be of use to other customers but not me.

Even if the ad-skipping was free it sounds like more trouble than it is worth.
A 1 hour program will require an extra 1 hour to remove the ads (from the website...FAQ: A. AutoSkip takes about the same time as the length of a recording.) and it seems (from forum responses) that the unit needs to communicate over the internet to perform this task!
So neither the hardware or on-board software can perform this task independently.   Hardly a feature then!

{sarcasm on}
Maybe there is a battery of cheap overseas operators hammering away at keyboards to create Skippa edit points?
Is there a subscription to use the third tuner.  Just checking!!!
{sarcasm off}
SKIPPA / Re: New IceTV branded PVR
February 04, 2015, 07:15:45 PM
Hi Dave from IceTV,
  Is there any news on what the supplied EPG will look like.
  Is it similar to or better than JustEPG?