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Topfield / Topfield 2400 & 2460 Power Off
October 15, 2012, 09:00:00 PM
Hi All,

Ok this is getting really annoying. Both my 2400 and my 2460 seem to randomly power off. This happens even during recordings. I thought it might of been a firmware issue but have updated to latest firmware. I am not running any Taps at all. Both are getting epg and timers from IceTV.

Has anyone experienced this issue. Damn annoying.

IceTV EPG Content / Missing ICE Data - Toybox
February 14, 2012, 11:31:01 PM

Toybox appears to be on not just Wednesday and Monday next week but every day at 3:30??

On Seven

General Discussions / Purchase - IceTV Device
April 16, 2010, 07:41:31 PM
I would like some input.

Just moved and in transit my Toppy died. I had been using this with Ted's and ICETV. So I know have to buy a new unit. I already have a BeyonWiz DP-S1 and used to offset what I couldnt record on the Wiz with the toppy as I filled up the drive on the wiz too quickly. So what to get? I dont need a DVD player as I never use it in the BeyonWiz.

Wouldnt mind a really good media player.

Anyway suggestions would be appreciated.
Topfield / Re: IceBox2 Alternatives or Replacements
April 16, 2010, 07:26:24 PM

Mine died last year as well and I replaced it with something similar. Are you still interested if so I can send you the info.

Topfield / Icebox2 -> Billion Modem - Help!
August 04, 2009, 11:53:09 PM

I have an Icebox2 in the room connected to a Toppy5000. I can see the Icebox on the wireless client lists on the Billion and yet it has no IP! DHCP server is running on the Billion and when I plug the icebox ethernet into the Billion it picks up an ip and I am able to access the icebox2 OK. However I dont want any ethernet plugged into the Icebox and just want to have the usb cable to the icebox and then wireless to the modem upstairs. The signal on the icebox says good so it appears to be seeing the billion OK. Is it possible to see on the icebox whether its picked up an IP? Can you hardcode the IP on the icebox for the wireless network?

Please let me know.
Many Thanks
That worked like a treat!

Thanks so much. I managed to get all the timers back in again.
Sorry. I missed a step. Mainly meant that I removed the favourite. Re-added and then try to hit record. This is where its not registering after hitting the record button.
Tried removing a Favourite and re-adding it (The 4400) from My Upcoming Programs. However it doesnt go into queued recording. It just continues to be a favourite.

I suspect that when I cleared the timers from the BeyonWiz after the firmware upgrade that Interfactive still thinks that I have a timer there.

Just a thought anyway.

How do I fix this?
I just updated to the latest FW for the BeyonWiz. I did the right thing and did a reset to factory settings which of course meant that all my timers went as well.

I came back to Interative in order to have a look at what it thought was going on and noticed that a series timer I have for the Today show on Nine HD for tomorrow wasnt there. I decided to hit the record button to add it however got the message Database error: Duplicate entry '15460-101-2008-06-10 05:30:00' for key 2.

I have a series recording in for this program set for This Channel only so I dont get the SD copy as well. On further inspection I noticed that the wed one was listed and the Thursday one wasnt.

Is there a way to reset the timers now I have none so that the BW can grab all of them again?

Please let me know.
IceTV EPG Content / Re: Torchwood
August 30, 2007, 07:50:46 PM

Was Torchwood actually on in Sydney last night. I noticed a couple of people saying that saw it but I was unable to find what states. I did notice that YourTV didnt list it as being on.

Topfield / ICE/NLSU and Vista with Topfield 5000
April 16, 2007, 12:13:34 PM

I am looking for suggestions in what to do. I currently have a subscription to ICE that I am used John Trappers great TED's program for. I recently upgraded to Vista and the problem is that there is no USB driver for Vista so its currently not working.

I see the problem is that I have no connectivity to the topfield via the usb port. Am I able to get say an NLSU and that be the bridge to the topfield?

I am thinking that I can run Teds on the PC with the FTP option to send it to the NSLU and then in turn to the toppy. Ultimately all I am trying to do is get the teds files over to the toppy.

Sounds like I need hardware in there.. But what? Does the ICEbox wifi bridge allow ftp to the toppy?

Please help. If you cant tell I am confused with a plan.