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great, Elgato points the finger at IceTV, and IceTV points the finger at Elgato, and i'm stuck in the middle with 3am EPG updates.
A few months ago I emailed Elgato asking why my daily IceTV EPG updates had moved to ~3am each morning even though I'd initially set it up in the afternoon.

Elgato advised that it was an IceTV requirement.

Yet I read on an IceTV support topic (or forum post maybe) that Ice's EPG updates are generally done by lunch-time each day, and that after lunch would be a good time to schedule your daily updates (i think the question came from a Media Centre user).

So why am I forced into a 3am update schedule because I'm using Elgato EyeTV?

A classic example of how this clearly isn't serving *me* was last Friday when all the Michael Jackson specials popped up like daisies in a graveyard and sent shockwaves through the whole evening's lineup.

I'm guessing it's about IceTV spreading its bandwidth load?

Not Happy, Jan.
EyeTV / Re: Recording over running programs
July 11, 2009, 11:08:54 AM
Quote from: futzle on May 07, 2009, 10:38:40 AM
There was some talk about it on the Elgato forums, pointing out that because it's all on the same frequency EyeTV could theoretically feed the single-tuner signal into two recordings during the overlap time.  But it's never been high priority from Elgato's perspective.

Elgato is a company based in Europe so I think it is entirely alien to them that shows don't actually start when the guide says they do.  (Try explaining the east-coast weekly petrol price cycle to an American...)

Yes, recording the 1 stream into the 2 files is exactly what needs to happen.  Perhaps if enough EyeTV users sent in their suggestion it might bump up the feature requrest's priority?

But you're right, it could be as foreign a concept as cell-phone carrier non-exclusivity to an American... ;)
In response to the original question regarding mobile browser support, I'm curious:  isn't/can't such info be logged by your web-servers?  AFAI'm aware, browser version and OS are commonly reported back to a webserver?
thanks for the quick reply Mitch,

after reading a few more posts, i'm starting to see how broad an impact (negative) these copyright shenanigan have been having.

but I'm still failing to see what their end-game is/was/might-still-be-with-Freeview with all this copyright BS ?

i've made my choice: EyeTV + IceTV (but the choice of DVR is relatively irrelevant here - they would surely know they can't funnel ALL consumers into 1 particular choice-of-their-dictating DVR+EPG).

if they have an "official" EPG offering of their own, they're doing a pathetic job letting me know about it, so i'm guessing they dont, and that the still nonexistant FreeView will be "it"?  you mean they've left their run this late and let IceTV cement their well-deserved position simply by agreeing amongst themselves to sic Ch9 onto you to try to hold back the future?

so after that point they're just shooting themselves in the foot - if it's not in IceTV EPG, I don't watch it or their advertisers!

sorry for the rant, but as a new EyeTV/IceTV user i appear to have discovered yet another fundamental orifice up which Aust. TV exec's have been putting their heads... :-(
EyeTV / Re: Launch EyeTV from Frontrow
April 23, 2009, 07:50:00 PM
another great plugin i found last night for EyeTV is a commercial-skipper:

it even appears to work!

look like it's early days for both these new pluggins, so keep on top of updates.
EyeTV / Re: Diversity remote control
April 23, 2009, 07:44:36 PM
i have the later (2008) version of the EyeTV Diversity, and encountered exactly he same flakyness as the original poster did.

i can see where the IR receiver on the Diversity stick is (different to the 2007 version) and have that facing the lounge, unobstructed.  i've tried up close, & at the lounge.  i've replaced the batteries.   but so far it's "junk" - not happy, Jan.

i'd have thought that newer hardware & newer software would address such issues, but seemingly not?

so, what are i/we doing wrong?

i have a Harmony One that i'll get around to programming soon & hopefully that wil work - assuming the problem's with the actual remote control...
just noticed another post about a similar issue a couple of weeks ago, relating to more copyright shenanigans.

is that the case here?  that you can't use Ch10's own published and *now public* TV guide to adjust your own guide, when they make late changes?
IceTV's quirky, and occasionally snide synopsis of many shows is one of the major reasons i love it!
and frankly so much of the crud on commercial tv is thoroughly deserving of a good dollop of 'the bird'.
you have my vote, IceTV.

for example:
"Target Earth (1998)
Seven HD, 12:30am to 2:20am
Sun, 7 Dec 2008, 110 minutes, M, Sci-Fi, Repeat

Oh, you know, the usual; alien invasions and all that.  They always have to drop the odd hint that they're on the periphery of our planet and lurking with intent.  And why is it always a little girl who has the means of foiling them?  I'll bet Meloni and Cross were happy to escape to TV land.  Christopher Meloni, Marcia Cross, Chad Lowe, John C. McGinley.

...told me everything i needed to know not to bother watching!
hi,  i'm new here, so maybe i'm rehashing something,

but, at 6pm tonight IceTV says "Transworld Sport" is on 6:00-7:00pm ONE HD (Melbourne metro, EyeTV).

great, i think, i'll veg out to that for an hour while i do email.

except, it isn't - the footy's still on <sigh>.  i force an update of the EPG in IceTV, still says Transworld Sport @ 6:00pm

so i goto (something i thought i'd never have to do with IceTV) and according to them Transworld Sport was on at 3:45pm, then AFL @ 4:45pm, then sports news @ 7:00pm.

so, was this a "rare occurrence", or do i need to "have my expectation's adjusted" (downward) ?

which raises a broader question - how "responsive" is IceTV to what i'm guessing was a "late" schedule change like this? obviously between 3:45pm (at the absolute latest) when IceTV's schedule diverged from reality, no update has been made! :(

thanks, Anthony.