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Hi RevReboot.

When I placed my toppy on the wire everything was pretty much immediate.

Have you tried isolating it to the wire  / Wireless.. and then using a USB extender as Dave suggested for me.

Has anything changed or is anything else experiencing problems on you network?

Finally, It appears the the problem has been isolated to the Wifi Dongle.
After working flawlessly for 18 months it appears it may be falling over and is a bit flakey... giving signs of connectivity but not really keeping up.
The distance to Toppy is about 8m with an almost uniterrupted line of sight through one sheet of glass.
Moving the dongle to the front of the toppy helped and adding the extension lead assisted but it still appears to fall over after a while.

Many thanks to Dave all that helped.
-some progress

Here's what I've done since last post.  (it's amazing what some pointer can do like Dave's "DNS" Comment.

Moved dongle to the front.
Re-activated Network. (Toppy is DHCP - so below note about DNS is pointing to local Router)
Got an IP. (and DNS Settings) 

Before logging into ICETV i Had the stock EPG and I could connect to SHOUTCAST! 

After Logging into ICETV i cannot connect to ShoutCast!

I don't now how to ping from the Toppy  (There is not an option in Newtork settings)

====Side note: ADDED Issue which may assist ====
Now here is something interesting ... I didn't think it would be the issue ntil Dave mentioned the the DNS lookup issue.

All my Clients DNS (Toppy, PC, Wii, DS  etc.. anything connected to LAN) is usually set to my own router and my router picks up the DNS setting from iiNet.

About 5 days ago World of Warcraft went down with an ERROR #114.  It took two days of mucking around and the solution ultimatley suggested I set my Primary DNS to  and secondary to  (google DNS IP)
(I initially did this just on my client PC - but then it was suggested to do it on my Router too)
This solved the problem for the WOW error #114 (solution / discussion Documented on the WOW forums here

I have since reset my DNS back to my local Router and my Router picks up the AUTO DNS from iiNet and everything on WOW is back to normal.

However I just saw this about a break in the Perth / Singapore undersea line somewhere:

Now all of this could be effecting things too..

I tried pinging the TOPPY (I had an IP address so didn't think I would need to PING it)
No go!

I wired the TOPPY and everything worked fine! (including getting a ping response!)

So ...replaced Dongle on extension lead and everything worked... (even picks up neighbours network)
Remove lead and it falls over.

Have changed Netgear DGND 3700 router Speed from 300 Mbps to 145 Mbps to hopefully stabilise with the toppy  though the quality is now down to 40% on both "Level" and "Quality". ICETV is working -  Shoutcast is not working.

At least for now my resolution at this point will be to find an extension cable for the Dongle.

Something has gone hay wire again!
I've lost the ICETV epg guide again.

No Shoutcast either.
Nothing has changed on network setup either.
Toppy is set to DHCP and is receiving an IP x.y.z.105
Router is registerring it with IP x.y.z.105

Toppy is Wireless.

I have Reset the EPG data again and now it appears that when I look at "Settings > IceTV >Device Type" it indicates "NONE"

Yesterday I am almost certain it said TPF-2460 (or similar).
Can not Ping it on x.y.z.105
Quote from: prl on December 11, 2012, 11:23:50 AM
Quote from: christiansenk on December 11, 2012, 12:01:51 AM
... (No port forwding but apparenntly Ice tv is all on port 80 any way). ...
More importantly, all connections to IceTV are outbound from your Topfield.

Thanks Peter,

Out of curiosity and a slightly off topic...

If I make a reservation/ favourites then how does the Toppy communicate that back to the ICETV website with all details?  Isn't there an outbound port sending that info somewhere?


Many thanks for your help Dave.

This worked a treat. .


Many Thanks David,
You are right it started working again...  But then it intemitently stops working.

I can't quite work I'm not doing any "rolling repairs" on the network  (I stopped touching it to allow me to problem solve).

I woke up this morning  - all good EPG working.

Tuned off machine and it's been on for an hour now...


I'm starting to think it could be a dodgy Wifi dongle?

I'm going to try to "reseat" it in the toppy and see how that goes.


Thanks Dave,
It's been a while as I've been away and then everything started to work again but it is intermittent.

My Ip settings are DHCP.
But i noticed (as I have a new router now that the Security Encryption was AES.  I have changed my router to accept both AES and TKIP.
(WPA-PSK2)  Both were set to the same protocol but I am now using TKIP
My SSID is Broadcasting.
I pick up an IP of my router and Toppy indicates the same IP

Unfortunately, ShoutCast CAN NOT connect to Server.


My Toppy 2460 has lost all the icetv recordings too.  This is most frustrating as I thought it was because my old router seemed to be dropping connections. now I don't know where i am at.

Currently running  Netgear DGND3700 on 2.4ghz (No port forwding but apparenntly Ice tv is all on port 80 any way).
No firewall rules on port 80
Have: System ID 32026
factory reset
Turn off
Turn on
Rolled back firmware to 3 July application ver TF-BPCF 1.11.00
Turn off
Turn On
Factory Reset
Turn off
turn on
Reconfigured Network and ICETV

Still nothing in EPG... arrgh

any ideas?
PS - love those Catcha words  (!??!)  ? 
Now it won't post cos it thinks i posted but got the captcha wrong  ...
Third go with captcha words