Saving recordings to DVD disc

Started by keithfacey, June 20, 2012, 05:11:24 AM

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Is it possible to save recorded EyeTV programs which are on my Apple Desktop computer, onto a DVD disc ?

Thanks,  KRF.

Madeleine IceGuide

Have you tried MPEG Streamclip? This is a useful little program that's free and will convert files, including transport streams, into a variety of video formats. The Mac version can be downloaded here ...


And to quickly convert them to a format that DVD burning programs will like, use File>Convert to MPEG (even though the broadcasts are in fact MPEG). DVDs are MPEG2 Program Stream; Australian digital TV broadcasts are MPEG2 Transport Stream, and most PVRs capture in the broadcast format. Streamclip's Convert to MPEG converts MPEG2 Transport Stream to MPEG2 Program Stream. Its File>Convert to TS goes the other direction.

Streamclip also allows you to edit.
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