First runs only not working for Good Game

Started by jdempsey, May 15, 2013, 06:38:03 PM

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We have an issue with ABC programmes Good Game, Good Game SP and Good Game Pocket Edition.
Our recordings are set up as first runs only but we get scheduled recordings for all of the repeats.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,



Dave at IceTV

Hi John,

At first those shows looked correct in 'My Week' in your account at the moment. The 'Good Game: SP' repeat for 7:20pm Sat is not scheduled to record, but neither is the 2nd new episode for Sunday (at 8:35pm). Then I noticed that you have set the series to a limit of 1 per day.

Customer Service


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply, yes I did that to try to solve the issue but it still isn't right (but it reduces the duplication a bit!)
I think the problem is that the guide doesn't have some of the repeats marked as repeats?

For instance, see Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 11:35am and 8:35pm. I'm pretty sure that these are all the same repeat of the show which is on Saturday 9AM.

Hope that helps,