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Started by fitzmooney, April 27, 2017, 12:06:18 PM

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I am getting very annoying lockups and dropouts on all the SBS channels on live TV broadcasts in Esperance WA.
If I run in time shift mode or play back recordings it is perfect.
How can we fix this?

Dave at IceTV

SBS did mess-up some of their channel settings for the first few days after they launched Viceland HD. Maybe your Humaxes still have the incorrect information and thinks a couple of the mpeg-2 channels are mpeg-4 HD and vice versa.

If this is the cause then rescanning all the channels now should fix it. But first try turning the Humax off to standby then switch it off at its rear power switch or the power point for 10 seconds. When you turn the power back on the Humax will turn on for a few seconds then go back to sleep. At that point just turn it on with the remote control as normal.

To rescan all the channels on your Humax HDR-3000T see the steps here:

To rescan all the channels on your older Humax HDR-7500T see the steps here:

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I forgot to mention that this only occurs on the HDR-3000T, not the older HDR-7500T.
I have rebooted and rescanned the unit and the problem still exists.
I now have a new problem, the time shift has failed.
When I press any of the play buttons, I get the message "The function does not work while retrieving data for the time shift buffer. Try again in a few seconds".


Formatting the HD fixed the time shift problem.
SBS problem still there.


Quote from: Dave at IceTV on April 27, 2017, 04:49:33 PM
SBS did mess-up some of their channel settings for the first few days after they launched Viceland HD.  ...

Do you mean their broadcast Service Type? That had been wrong for SBS HD ever since it started (0x01 instead of 0x19), and was also incorrect in the same way on Viceland HD when it started. A few days after Viceland HD came on line, they fixed both to Service Type 0x19, at least partly in response to prodding from IanSav (Beyonwiz forum).
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How do you explain that when you play back from the hard drive it has no lockups or drop outs?
Surely when you record the live TV, the problems would recorded as well?


Seems that nobody has an answer to this problem.
So I will have to assume there is a problem with the unit.
I will therefore have to submit a warranty claim with Humax.


Hi fitzmooney,

I apologise for the slow response.  I've discussed it with our CTO and we believe it is a fault within the PVR as it is certainly not an IceTV problem.


I have just installed the update for my HDR-3000-T and the problem still exists.
Who do I place a warranty claim with? Humax or Icetv?