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Started by kadybee, July 13, 2009, 07:35:11 PM

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Just noted 4 names listed in the EPG for Sunday 19 July's Master Chef Final (SC10 Gold Coast and TEN Brisbane). 

As there are currently Six contestants, the EPG is thereby giving/suggesting the names of two who are yet to be eliminated this week.

Is that info from the Network?


Madeleine IceGuide

We have no inside info - this is a research error and will be amended. Thanks for pointing it out.

Neon Kitten

Speaking of amendments,

7:30pm MasterChef Australia â€" Finale Night
9:00pm MasterChef Australia â€" The Winner Announced
9:30pm Glee: Special Advance Screening

Yeah yeah, I know, I know. So everyone keep an eye out for the "Glee 9.30" promo.