Some thumbnails are not of the show they represent

Started by denny09, July 14, 2017, 03:07:41 PM

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First thank you for starting putting thumbnails on some of the shows hopefully we will see more of it just like to notify of two that are incorrect first Sunrise and Mornings as you can see from the attachments that the thumbnails are not correct.

Just a suggestion for some thumbnails for example afl could have a afl ball at the background and for tennis:wimbledon have a tennis ball or tennis court and then that can be reused when a different tennis competition starts.

There hasn't been any posters for movies yet or any openmovie database or other movie database links like it is for series.

Emby is looking great with these thumbnails that have already been added.

Thank you and keep up the great work

Daniel Hall at IceTV

Hi denny09,

Cheers for the heads up, we will get those two fixed up.

We do have some placeholder images in place to make it look a bit nicer while our work on getting movie images included is being worked on.



ABC News displays incorrect US ABC News Thumbnail


They are bit slow the ones I reported are still there with incorrect thumbnail.

It would be nice if movies started to have thumbnails.

I am grateful that at least a start has been made to implement thumbnails.